Photos from RSA Conference 2012

I was at the RSA Conference a couple weeks ago working the Check Point booth. I also managed to snag a few photos.

Not at RSA, but at the BSides conference next door.

This was our booth. There were many like it, but this one was ours.

This was the station I was supposedly manning during my booth duty. The reality was, I was everywhere.

This is our 2012 line of appliances. Nice stuff.

This booth won the Gaudiest Booth award. Surely.

An actual Enigma machine from World War II.

We had a nice banner for the conference.

We served coffee and fresh baked cookies.

Two of our big stars: Tomer Teller (l) and Brian Linder (r)

Another Kellman sighting! This time he was presenting a version of his BSides presentation at the booth. It was quite a crowd pleaser!






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