PhoneBoy The Product Manager?

Having just spent the past two days in a class about the basics of Product Management, I know the answer to this question: yes, but not inthe next few years.

Is it what I expected? Somewhat, having spentyears dealing with them. There is more to the job than I knew, of course, but none of it seems like it would be impossible for me to do. Do I have more respect for their job? Most definitely. Is it something I want to do? It’s something I want to keep in my mind as a possibility going forward.

The main reason I took this class is to learn the formal product lifecycle so I can learn when and where I need to getinvolved as a support person. This will hopefully increase the quality of the products that are produced. For one thing, we can ensure that support requirements are included in the product specifications fromthe get-go. Hopefully we can also catch “features” or “product designs”that are known to be problematic to support.

I won’t be able to apply all this knowledge right away, of course, as I don’t see any new products in the immediate future. In a few months, maybe. Even so, since I am dealing with Product Managers regularly, some of the knowledge will come in handy. I now know some questions to ask that never occured to me before.






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