Personal Blog, Take, Um, Lost Count

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Also, it seems like every time I go onto any one of my blogs (and I have several), I have maintenance to do. Upgrades. Plugins. What have you.

Quite honestly, it’s more overhead than I want right now. Even though I prefer to “own” my content on a server that I pay to use, it’s just not something I want to mess with.

So here I am “starting over” on Posterous for, um, well I lost count how many times I’ve done the personal blog. But I’m doing it here. The fact I can get everything in from my old Vox blog is a huge plus. The fact that posting is dirt simple is also a plus.

Theoretically, Posterous is not a roach motel, so I should be able to get my content out at some point if I so choose. At least “there’s an API for that.” We’ll see. The content distribution options are also a plus.

Eventually, I will redirect here. I’m also going to move the Gig Harbor Tweetup site over to Posterous as well. I’ll probably leave my main blog over on WordPress for right now until I figure out something I like better.

Of course, the next step: coming up with something I actually want to write about.






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