One Sick Child

It seems like just about every time I go on a business trip, something goes sideways. This one was no exception, though this time it ended up getting worse after I got home. 🙁

On Thursday night, ironically my daughter’s second birthday, my daughter started throwing up. While she throws up from time to time, this began three days worth of throwing up just about everything consumed. On Saturday, I took her to the pediatrician, who thought she had a stomach flu–which isn’t something you can do much about. She was given some sort of suppository that was supposed to help the throwing up. It didn’t help of course. 🙁

My mother-in-law called the nearby children’s hospital an hour or so ago.They think she is starting to show signs of dehydration and she should be brought in immediately, which is what my wife and her mom are doing now. Hopefully dehydration is the only problem she has and it’s not something more serious. But it’s a big bummer on the weekend, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Jaden and I get to spend some quality time together.






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