Off to Cal-e-forn-e-a

Taking my semi-regular trip to the Bay Area to visit my co-workers and generally cause trouble. Have these trips almost down to a science in terms of packing. I am getting more efficient at packing for these trips. Helps that I am getting lighter and smaller gear. Or rather “getting better at figuring out what I can do without for a few days.”

Despite carrying two laptops and enough clothes for five days, I can get down to two carry on-sized backpacks now. That doesn’t leave a lot of extra room, and that’s not a bad thing. I want to discourage large purchases or equipment acquisitions while I am in the Bay Area, or at least not carry it on the plane with me. That’s why they invented FedEx. In fact, if I were smart, I would have FedExed a lot of stuff to the office already so I wouldn’t have to carry as much on the plane. Oh well, maybe I’ll be smart enough to do that on the way back…

Meanwhile, back to work, or maybe off to bed.






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