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I was watching a movie on an Arab-based Satellite TV channel, a few weeks ago, when I noticed something occur for the nth time: they cut a scene right before the two protagonists were about to kiss. No kiss for us, viewers. It’s taboo. I’ve been dwelling over this for weeks, going over and over trying to rationalize the reasons behind such a policy. As I said, this wasn’t the first time: I merely ever see a true kiss/hug/love scene on any Arab-based TV channel, yet they have no problem whatsoever posting scenes of murder, violence, crimes, bodies torn to pieces, and other obscenities. In what logic is that even understandable?

And it’s not only limited to Arab-based TV channels. Look around you, look at the American rating system for movies and shows, look at the cartoons and PSP games our children watch/play.How is it that, legally, our kids are allowed to view scenes of violent murder with PG-13 and R rated movies, or play games where they make points by blowing people up, long before they grow all their teeth, but are prohibited to view X rated movies until they turn 18? What kind of society are you raising when you instill in your youth’s mind, time after time after time, that killing someone is not taboo but kissing, groping, hugging, making love… are?

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No, I don’t like this double-standard either. They show people killing each other on prime-time television, yet people get their panties in a twist when Janet Jackson accidentally shows her nipple during the Super Bowl. It’s a breast. Everyone has them. We’ve all sucked on one at one point or another in our lives.

Heaven forbid if we show one on TV, though. What will the children think? Oh wait, they’re too busy playing the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto or Modern Warfare to notice.






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