Not Many Trick or Treaters

W’eve always had a fairly small turnout of trick-or-treaters in ther past, but this year was small even by our usual standards. Maybe 20 kids or so at the most as on about 7:45pm. I suppose the freezing temperatures outside and the fact that houses are closer together elsewhere in the neighborhood probably have something to do with the low turnout.

Next year, the road outside our house that leads out of the neighborhood should be open. Surprised it’s not open now given that it’s basically done. That should increase the turnout for Halloween, since a lot of the surrounding neighborhoods come into our neighborhood to trick or treat.

Meanwhile, my wife is taking Jaden around to trick or treat. Gracie did a little, but she’s too little to do much of it. It’s also freezing outside, so there’s some motivation to keep her in. She’s watching The Wiggles while we wait for trick or treaters, though I’ll be surprised if anyone else shows up tonight.






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