Non-Scale Victories

While I’ve had plenty of victories on the scale, such as managing to lose four pounds on my most recent trip to the New York and Philly area, as the above picture will attest to, I’ve had my share of victories that don’t show up on the scale, but are the result of attempting to lose weight.

One such non-scale victory is the comments I’ve been getting from people. My current job has me in public a lot more than I used to be and people that saw me even six months ago are noticing that I’ve dropped a significant amount of weight–about 75 pounds (or 32 kilos) worth!

Another is something that people don’t realize is an issue for people of size when traveling on an airplane–seat belt length. On just about every flight I’ve taken in the last 15 years, I’ve had to ask a flight attendant for a seat belt extension. As there is quite a bit of variance when it comes to equipment on airplanes, I still have to ask for one occasionally, but it’s not an every flight occurrence anymore.

Yesterday, I tried on the one pair of pants I still have with a 44 inch waist–and they fit well. Granted, these have stretchy sides, since I got them from a big and tall store, but they aren’t a tight fit, which means: they’ll work. I tried on a few shirts from my “skinny drawer” and discovered they fit well enough to wash them and hang them up on my closet. Meanwhile, there’s two shirts I left in my “skinny” drawer that, after I lose some more weight, will be a better fit.

Meanwhile, all but one pair of pants I own are now too big for me. Some of the pairs of pants I can still wear with a belt, but I suspect even they will be too big before too long. The ones that were much too loose were put in place of the shirts I pulled out, making it more of a “fat drawer” than a skinny drawer now.

My blood sugar, meanwhile, had a minor setback with my time in New York, both because of some good beer and some good sushi! That said, it’s a blip in the short-term average, with my longer term average still excellent. Hopefully I get a much better idea with a proper blood test, which I need to do in the near future so I can schedule an annual physical with my doctor.

A non-scale victory to come will be when I can purchase clothes for myself in a non “big and tall” store. That would imply getting down to maybe a 38 inch waist. Even when I managed to lose weight with Atkins more than 15 years ago, I never quite managed to achieve that goal. This time, I’m more determined to get there!






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