Next Stop: San Diego

A comment I’ve heard from a number of people is that my new job at Check Point has me traveling a bit more. My wife certainly thinks so. Between more trips to the office and speaking engagements, I’m in the air at least once a month now.This time, I’m going to San Diego for Check Point Software’s Sales Kick Off. It’s a corporate rah-rah session of sorts. A gathering of the troops. And, for me, a chance to dry out for a few days and meet many co-workers for the first time.It’s funny. With 3 trips to Israel in the past 9 months, I have a different perspective on travel. Compared to the nearly 24 hours it takes to get from Seattle to Tel Aviv, pretty much all the other flights I take are short by comparison. Also, TSA could learn a few things from the Israeli airport authorities.






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