Never Been Happy with the CMS

It seems like every couple of years, I will change the CMS that is used for my various websites. This has resulted in some messy, messy transitions. As it is right now, and are both using Jekyll, one hosted on a VM somewhere, the other hosted on GitHub. For what I am doing on these sites, I believe this is the right tool.

This site,, has been on 10Centuries the last few years (after being hosted on Posterous, Posthaven, and WordPress). I just had it migrated to version 4 of the platform, which itself is still “beta.” While the frontend is lacking at this moment, which will hopefully be fixed soon, the backend is much more usable for me, which means I might actually write a post once in a while.

Of course, I wonder how long I will remain on these CMSes. Because I’ve never been happy with whatever CMS I use for more than a few years…






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