My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy

She thinks the whole Master Cleanse thing is a bunch of hooey. It may, in fact, be. She’s looking for the science behind it because, well, she needs that kind of proof. Rational, but then again science can’t make up it’s mind. Smoking cigarettes used to be considered good for you, and we know how that turned out. Same thing with Fen Phen, Vioxx, and countless other things science said was okay.

Anyway, she’ll humor me for the 10 days or more that I’m drinking lemonade. Hope so as it means I’ll be buying a heck of a lot of lemons and maple syrup. And running to the bathroom to pee. A lot. Explaining the not-eating to the kids should be fairly simple–I’m not hungry. Hopefully Jaden doesn’t start asking too many questions or figure out that I’m “not hungry” for an extended period of time.

If today is any indication, I might want to lay off the senna tea. Let’s just say it had the desired effect a little quicker than expected.






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