My New Banner

I decided I’d replace the custom banner on my site with this “work of art,” if you want to call it that:

Basically, I had taken a picture of the moon with my Nokia N80 Internet Edition, which I posted earlier:

Unfortunately, the picture had a lot of noise in it. I was able to clean up most of it in iPhoto, but iPhoto has an irritating problem: I tried to size the picture exactly to 940×200 as required by Vox. iPhoto could never tell me if the region I selected would actually be 940×200.Punting, I decided to take the original and head over to my good old friend The Gimp. They have a Mac version, and clearly trying to figure out how the hell to accomplish what I wanted was beyond my patience. I did, however, happen to stumble on a happy accident that looked kind of cool. So I said, what the hell, and there you have it.






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