My Mission In Life

One of the things I have spent some time on this week is defining my mission statement as a result of taking the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training. While I’m not there yet—is anyone ever really there?—I am a lot farther along than I was.

I want my mission statement to be simple. Just a few words that capture the essence of what I want to do and what I want to be. I want to remember it and keep it in mind at all times so I can ensure I am keeping with my mission.

For too long, I have been living by default and not by design. Despite that, I’ve been pretty damn lucky. I’ve managed to get myself into a very good position in terms of my work. My family situation, while it can be improved, is also good. However, what I have lacked is a coherent plan for getting where I want to go. A mission statement isn’t a full fledged plan, but it’s goes a long way towards drafting one.

I have been able to narrow down my mission statement to the acronym SIS: Serve. Inspire. Share. Of course, this is a rough draft and may change. However, as some people wiser than I have said, a bad plan today is better than a good plan tomorrow. It’s certainly better than no plan, which is what I have now.






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