My #AudioMo Posts for July 2013

AudioMo is a regular challenge to get people to post audio to the Internet, posting with the hashtag #audiomo. This year, it happened during the month of July.

Since I participated this year, and I already produce a regular daily podcast called PhoneBoy Speaks, I produced entries specific for AudioMo using the ADN app Chimp, which actually makes it really easy to record and post audio in one go. It even gives you an RSS feed!

Meanwhile, for those of you who missed those audio bits, here are all 31 #audiomo posts I recorded.

phoneboy-20130701.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130702.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130703.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130704.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130705.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130706.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130707.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130708.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130709.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130710.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130711.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130712.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130713.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130714.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130715.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130716.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130717.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130718.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130719.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130720.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130721.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130722.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130723.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130724.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130725.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130726.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130727.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130728.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130729.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130730.mp3Download This Episode
phoneboy-20130731.mp3Download This Episode







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