More Power Outage Fun

This is just getting silly. At least today it happened early afternoon–right when I was about to leave with the kids for the afternoon. It did kind of mess with the wife’s plans for the day since she was in the process of getting ready when it happened. Apparently, curling irons and hair dryers are a necessity for her.

The funny this is that not only did the power go off, but the phones did too. There was power on the lines as it did make the keypad on my corded phone light up, but no dialtone. And you wonder why I have lots of phones around with charged batteries?

Anyway, the power was on about 4 hours later. Good for me, anyway, since it did not impact my day that much. However, still annoying. Meanwhile, we’ve discussed getting a generator, but if we’re going to move anyway (also under discussion), what’s the point?






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