Mired in Music

I go through phases where I ignore music and spent way too much time in my music collection. I am currently going through such a phase. In theory, I have a reason for it–I am rating my music and doing some general cleanup of stuff I have imported into iTunes. Doing stuff like “joining” CD tracks (why do I have to re-rip tracks in order to do this in the most acceptable way?), fixing album art, even adding a few CDs that I didn’t rip earlier because I lacked sufficient disk space.

Talk of a Police tour has got me to dig out the one Police CD I have and import it into iTunes. I also found my Supertramp Paris double-CD as well and got that imported. I’ve also got some other “live” Supertramp album that contains recordings of indeterminate origin, otherwise known as a ROIO. I also started remembering a certain Yello song that appeared in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and out that came.

I wonder if I will get out of my music phase before I finish this project…






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