Mining for Gold–In your Inbox

I’m sure like most of you, I get a lot of spam. Hundreds of messages every single day. I have multiple places to look through as well. Most of my personal email gets forwarded to Gmail, though a “cache” of this email exists at my ISP as well. Problem is: that cache has a spam folder that has grown quite large.

I don’t trust spam filters. Nothing’s perfect. Even though Gmail’s spam filters have a fairly low false-positive rate, I’ve had it miss enough emails that were important. So I periodically go through the Spam folder to make sure it didn’t catch anything. The spam filters at my ISP are much worse: pretty much everything is identified as spam. And to make things even worse: my ISP doesn’t forward all my email to Gmail (either that or Gmail rejects it as spam). So I have mail in more than one place!

I think I’m going to shut down the email cache at my ISP and just forward everything to Gmail. It’s too much work to sift through this cache.






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