Meet the New Blog, Same As The Old Blog

I kinda did a post earlier today, but now that I have everything hooked into IFTTT (at least until Posthaven adds its own support for posting on Social Networks on new posts), I guess I should “reintroduce” my personal blog to the world.

Of course, now that I think about this, it seems like an awfully douchy thing to do. I mean, who gives a crap? I’m barely going to write here. You’re barely going to read it. So I guess we’re even 🙂

But since you came here, look at the cool, shiny Posthaven-hosted blog. I can’t do much to it right now, but I know that the Posthaven guys are hard at work They at least got a flawless import of my old Posterous sites. That’s something.

Anyway, this is my personal blog. For things that don’t fit into either”>rel=”nofollow”> or”>”> And a little to long for or Twitter. 🙂






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