Mary Wanna Work. Even When She’s Stoned.

From Weird 1972 Experiment in Marijuana Use:

In the winter of 1972, 20 young women took part in one of the weirdest scientific experiments in this country’s history.

For 98 days in a downtown Toronto hospital, their brains, hearts, kidneys, livers, blood and urine were rigorously tested and analyzed. A team of nurses kept round-the-clock records of their behaviour, logged at half-hour intervals.

Just how was marijuana affecting the 10 who had to smoke it every day?

The results of this study basically showed that the one thing people didn’t lose while smoking pot was motivation to do what they felt they needed to do. In other words, the traditional “stoner” would probably be a slacker even if he stopped smoking the wacky weed. Normal people would more or less continue to live their lives, do their jobs, and so on.

Eventually the countries of the world will get over this “marijuana is bad” trip.






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