Lots of Birthday Parties

My son has a total of four birthday parties to attend this weekend. One today and three tomorrow. Mommy is going to be partied out. Fortunately, one of the parties is just down the street from us and should be relatively Gracie-friendly, so I can at least go to that one.

The problem with Birthday Parties now is that someone thought it would be a good idea to give the guests a “treat bag.” Now of course because someone started it, everyone else has to do it too. Four birthday parties means four treat bags for Jaden. I have no idea who started this treat bag thing. They’d better stay anonymous else a lot of parents would give them the tar-and-feather treatment.

Meanwhile, it makes my weekend a heck of a lot easier. Gracie is a lot easier to entertain than Jaden is: just take her outside or to a playground and she’ll have hours of fun. It’s nice right now because the weather is good, but it’s gonna suck in the next few months when it’s raining all the time.






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