Limbaugh: ‘Some people are just born to be slaves’ | Raw Story

There is no equality,” [Rush] Limbaugh said on his [nationally syndicated] radio show. “You cannot guarantee that any two people will end up the same. And you can’t legislate it, and you can’t make it happen. You can try, under the guise of fairness and so forth, but some people are self-starters, and some people are born lazy. Some people are born victims. Some people are just born to be slaves.


I’m sure this is going to generate some controversy, especially given who this and what he said. The comments on this post were particularly vicious. That said, I think I can explain what he was trying to say in non-offensive terms.

Life is like a soccer game. Some people are really good at it, either through natural talent or because of years of hard work to improve their game. Some people play ok. Others can’t play (due to physical condition). Others, even if they could play, don’t like soccer and will never play. Some just like to watch. Others prefer a different sport entirely. Some don’t like sports at all.

Trying to legislate equality in life is about as ridiculous as the idea that everyone can play soccer well, or even wants to for that matter. Not everyone is playing the same game or looking for the same result. Legislating that kind of equality is doomed to fail. See the USSR or Greece for recent examples of this.






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