It’s Warm Outside, But Cold Inside

There hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to say on this blog over the past several days, thus why you’ve been seeing mostly pictures, when I’ve bothered to post even those.

I suppose the biggest thing that’s been going on around here is the cold that my wife has had for a week and can’t seem to get rid of. She started last Friday, steadily lost her voice over the weekend, and is still trying to recover. I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off work in order to give my wife at least some rest. My wife has been unable to sleep well due to her own coughing. The fact that Gracie wakes up in the middle of the night and wants mommy doesn’t help either. Last night was the first night in about a week where she was able to sleep semi-normally. Let’s hope that continues.

Meanwhile, I think Gracie has finally succumb to the cold as she is starting to be stuffy. She’s had a hard time keeping food down as well, prompting both parents to rush in with “buckets” (large tupperware containers) for her to barf in. We’re trained. I also spent a bunch of time yesterday cleaning out the car from when Gracie barfed after lunch.

Jaden doesn’t seem to have caught anything yet. Meanwhile, I am drinking Airborne as often as I can right now to try and keep the cold at bay. I have some nasal congestion, but nothing that makes me anywhere approaching miserable.

At least it’s been relatively nice outside this week. Monday and Tuesday were warm, the rest of the days this week were a little less warm, but still perfectly reasonable outside. Sunshine and no rain is always a welcome change of pace.

Who knows what’s going on this weekend. However, Mothers Day is going to be interesting since the rest of the extended family plans on avoiding us like the plague. Maybe I can give mommy some time to herself or something. Who knows.






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