It’s Pinewood Derby Time!

When I was about my son’s age, I was in Cub Scouts. One of the things you inevitably do in Cub Scouts is build a Pinewood Derby car. Or, rather, your father mostly builds it.

My son is not in Cub Scouts, but we are doing something similar through the YMCA. We are doing a group campout an d one of the activities is a Pinewood Derby.I have no illusion here that my son wants to do most of the hard work. I know at that age, I didn’t. What I did ask him to do was come up with a basic car shape, which he came up with. I then went to work cutting the block of wood into something approximating the shape he drew.

I never took shop class. I don’t know the first thing about wordworking. I barely have any tools for this stuff. However, I am determined to turn this block of wood into a car.After some sawing and sanding, here is the result. It is not completely smooth–there are some divots I still need to even out–but it vaguely looks like a car!

More work on the car tomorrow.






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