It’s Fathers Day, What To Do?

At least in the US, the third Sunday of each year is the day to honorand commemorate fathers. Other countries apparently celebrate this, atleast if you believe the Wikipedia article on Fathers Day. My wife asked me what I wanted to do on Fathers Day. Huh?

Mostweekends, I am taking my kids somewhere to entertain them for a fewhours while my wife does whatever needs doing. Since my wife stays athome and has them during the week while I work, and can’t easily getcertain things done with kids, it’s a fair trade. It’s been especiallyhard the past few weeks since my son has been out of school and istrying to assert his independence in unpleasant ways. Fortunately hestarts Summer School on Monday. So when my wife basically offered me afree day to do what I wanted, I really had to think. What do I want todo?

I thought of two tasks, somewhat related, but perhapssomewhat selfish. What I’d like to do is go out and buy one of thoseMacBooks. (According to my wife, my son wanted to get me a computer forFathers Day. He knows me well.) It would be a bit of a trip to go tothe Apple Store as I’d have to drive an hour or more to either Bellevueor Southcenter. It’d also be more expensive since I couldn’t takeadvantage of my employer’s discount, but I’d get instant gratification.

Thesecond thing to do would be to essentially upgrade my son’s computer,which would essentially involve giving him my old one, but I’d have totake it out of the rack-mount case I currently have it in. I might lethim help me assemble the thing, or at least do it in front of him so Ican explain the components. Call it a father-son bonding moment.

Ihad also thought about doing a Frys shopping trip, but I can’t think ofanything I really want bad enough to drive an hour plus to Rentonexcept maybe a MacBook. Or some new components to build Jaden a new anddifferent computer.

Eh. I don’t know. I’ll sleep on it. Maybe I will be inspired in the morning.






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