While I had made the decision to divorce my ex before this—and even discussed it with her a few months prior—the point of no return was crossed on 6th January 2022. I didn’t exactly plan it to be on the one year anniversary of another, more famous so-called insurrection, but that’s exactly how it happened.

I call it an insurrection for one simple reason: I finally decided to take the reigns of my life. I had spent too many years ceding far too many decisions to my now ex wife. I was miserable because she was “fine with the way things are” and had no desire to even speak about our lack of relationship, much less do anything to improve it.

With the actions I took on 6th January 2022, I knew there was no going back. And, unfortunately, the kids participated in some of the activities that occurred that evening, which includes the theft and destruction of personal property. They took a clear position on a conflict they had no business being involved with.

I have since learned what my ex wife is. There was nothing I could have done to change what she is or the ultimate trajectory of our relationship. There will be no accountability for the years of neglect or the poisoning of our children against me. There will only be her receiving spousal support until November 1st, 2027.

There is one thing she will eventually have to account for. All I will say about it is: everything I claimed in my 2021 and 2022 taxes is in accordance with the tax laws and can be backed up with appropriate documentation, including the very court orders she violated when she filed her taxes back in October.

Charlie Sheen and many others have been quoted as saying something along the lines of “I don’t pay them for sex, I pay them to leave.” I paid big in the divorce, believe me. Had I spent the money on hookers and blow instead, at least I would have gotten laid once in a while.

As for the kids, they clearly sided with her and made no attempt to get my side of the story. I forgive them, but I won’t forget what they did, either.






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