Imperial Decline: How Does It Feel to Be Inside a Dying Empire? | | AlterNet

This can’t end well.

But then, how often do empires end well, really? They live vampirically by feeding off others until, sooner or later, they begin to feed on themselves, to suck their own blood, to hollow themselves out. Sooner or later, they find themselves, as in our case, economically stressed and militarily extended in wars they can’t afford to win or lose.


While reading this, I was listening to the end of Amused to Death, Roger Water’s album about a monkey watching TV. Seemed fitting. While we’re busy amusing ourselves to death with the mass media, the American “empire” is busy crumbling before our eyes–if we bother to look away from our TVs and iPods long enough to notice.

This won’t end well. For sure.






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