I Was Skinny!

Looking through a lot of the old photographs my mom had has certainly been entertaining and quite a walk down memory lane. Some weren’t really memories since some of the photos were from when I was a baby, though I can recognize the house I first lived in in those photos.

Some of the photos make me look famous. Some of the photos themselves look like famous photos. That’s one thing mother was good at–taking photos and lots of them.

And for all the photos she had of me growing up, one thing continually struck me: I was skinny. Like beanpole skinny. And hyper as hell.

Then I got to junior high school and I started having issues with my weight. I was a little overweight then all the way through high school and college, but it was nothing like it is now.

So many things changed since then it’s hard to say exactly what it was that triggered my gradual weight gain. Of course, things like diet and exercise I’m sure aren’t helping, but even when I make the almost superhuman effort, I am able to take weight off. When I hit the inevitable weight loss plateau, I am thoroughly discouraged and I fatten up again.

Not quite sure how to get back to that skinny little boy I once was. Well, I’ll never be a little boy anymore, but to be that skinny…






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