I Tried To Podcast, Really I Did.

At the end of May, I finally got off my duff and recorded a couple of podcasts. I have submitted them to T.W.A.T. Radio,which is best described as a community-host daily hardcore techpodcast. This podcast has covered a lot of different topics, fromhacking payphones to using obscure software on Windows or Linux. Thisis people sharing their tech passions with others.

The firstone I recorded was on Garage Band, which is a Macintosh audio editingprogram. I used it to show off my rather pathetic ability to make musicusing the program. The other was a process using Gabcast and your telephone in order to record your own episode of T.W.A.T. Radio.

I don’t know what happened, but after I sent the stuff from them, and confirmed they got it, my stuff never got played. I think I pinged them a couple of times without a response. Between that and their irregular production schedule, I decided I didn’t care enough to pursue it.

Meanwhile, for posterity sake, I present both podcasts. I had the source files for the GarageBand demonstration and ended up redoing the ends to take out the references to T.W.A.T. Radio. I found the Gabcast podcast in my gmail account and uploaded it this evening without any editing.

So without futher ado…

Gabcast Podcast


Garage Band Demo Podcast






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