I Am The Chariot

You are The Chariot

Triumph, Victory, Overcoming Obstacles.

The chariot is one of the mostcomplex cards to define. On its most basic level, it implies war, astruggle, and an eventual, hard-won victory. Either over enemies,obstacles, nature, the beasts inside you, or to just get what you want.But there is a great deal more to it. The charioteer wears emblems ofthe sun, yet the sign behind this card is the moon. The chariot is allabout motion, and yet it is often shown as stationary. It is a union ofopposites, like the black and white steeds. They pull in differentdirections, but must be (and can be!) made to go together in onedirection. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs,people, circumstances; bring them together and give them a singledirection, your direction. Confidence is also needed and, mostespecially, motivation. The card can, in fact, indicate new motivationor inspiration, which gets a stagnant situation moving again.

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