How Wet Has It Been?

Depending on where you are exactly in the Puget Sound, you’ve seen a lot of rain this November. In fact, in some places, it’s broken records. Seattle proper has broken records, but not all places in the Puget Sound. Perhaps the most telling is this tucked away at the end of this article on KOMO-TV’s website:

This month: 22.82″ ** this is not including November3rd. Unfortunately, Bremerton’s data from that date is corrupted, andit was a really rainy day, so we’re not sure how much rain they havethis month. It’s likely around 24″.)
Highest previous total: 20.08″ (January 1953)

Bremerton is the next town over, and I’d say 24″ of rain is a pretty accurate assessment of the rain we’ve been getting here. And, of course, the month isn’t over yet so some records that haven’t fallen yet could very well fall.






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