House Hunting

My wife went out for a evening with other moms, as she does on a regular basis. She ended up finding a couple of interesting houses near her friend that would be a step up from what we’re living in now. It would be a bit further south in Gig Harbor, but I don’t consider that a bad thing.

This whole road/fence thing in our current house is going to be a problem if we continue to stay where we’re at. The fence the land company is putting up right now isn’t a fence, but rather a “privacy screen.” So while it might keep the headlights out of our windows at night, it will do nothing to actually keep my kids from running into the road, which matters to me a hell of a lot more than headlights shining in our bedroom window. Getting a proper fence put up is proving to be damn near impossible thanks to the lovely CCRs we have to deal with.

In any case, I see some house hunting in our immediate future, especially given we’ve got a three-day weekend.






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