Hitting a Plateau, But It’s All Good

While I’ve been progressing nicely with my weight loss, the last six weeks has seen me in Barcelona, Las Vegas, and Bangkok, all for Check Point’s CPX 360 events. Two of the trips involved significant travel. The result? You might call it a plateau:

On one hand, I should consider myself fortunate that any weight I gained, particularly in Barcelona and Vegas, was lost fairly quickly–enough that it didn’t affect the floating average all that much, which this graph represents. On the other, I’m mildly frustrated to be stuck around the same weight for the last month or so.

Everyone trying to lose weight eventually stalls. It happened to me before when I did Atkins 15 years ago. The difference this time around is I’m aware of it and am using other yardsticks to measure progress. My waist, for instance, is an inch smaller than it was a couple of weeks ago, which has resulted in my clothes fitting a little better. My face? Also seems to be a bit thinner, just from pictures:

The photo on the left was from late January in Barcelona, the one on the right a couple weeks ago in Gig Harbor.

It seems like I may have broken through the plateau based on the fact my average weight has recently dipped below 235 pounds, or about 107 kilograms. Whether that trend continues or not, I will find out in the coming days.

The real trend I’m concerned about? My A1C number. I won’t know for another month or two until I get blood work done again. Still, my blood glucose has been fairly stable with the 30-day average being 105 mg/dL (or 5.8 mmol/L). That suggests I should have a lower A1C than 5.9%, but we’ll see.

The good news is that I’m home for the next couple of weeks and the travel I’ve got planned after that will keep me fairly close to home. This should make it easier to stay on plan and continue to make progress (or at least not lose ground).






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