Headache Caused Struggles With Food

Somewhere during the CISSP class I was taking today, I had a problem with food. Or more specifically, I had the kind of headache that I only seem to get when I hadn’t eaten in a while.

Breakfast consisted of a ham and cheese omelet and a glass of water, which I did not eat all of. I was mildly peckish at around 11am, so I went down and had a biscuit (not a cracker) topped with real butter. Somewhere around there I got a huge headache–the kind I get when I’ve under eaten. During my class I ate a handful of almonds and a handful of dried montmorency cherries. Headache went away briefly, but came back once the class was over, so I relented and made something for lunch–salmon and mayo on cheese slices. I ate until I was full, and left a ton of salmon over for another time. But my headache didn’t go away.

I finally relented and found the Tylenol. Life was good again. Somewhere after my IDS class I eventually ate some dinner–a small egg salad on sourdough bread and a slice of cake left over from Easter dinner. I left a bite of the relatively small piece of cake on my plate. Leaving something uneaten seems to be an important thing psychologically, so I am making a point to do that every time I eat.

I think I kept my food intake in check, as I know it’s less than I was eating prior to, say, last week. That headache through me for a loop and added some extra stress I didn’t need today. Meanwhile, I’m off to visualize my future, thinner self as I drift off to sleep.






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