He Blogs!

I was happy to see dad finally take advantage of that Vox invite I sent him a while ago. The question is: will he continue?

See, the reason I sent this invite to him because, quite honestly, he’s a stranger to me now. I want to get to know him–slowly. And sure, I could have done it privately through email and the like. But I want to do this on my own terms. My terms include blogging. I guess that’s something my generation expects. Full public disclosure. Well maybe not full disclosure, but certainly more public disclosure than previous generations did.

The past three years or more of my life have been more or less exposed for the world to see online on various iterations of my blog. I’ve been on the Internet for much longer than that. Heck, I saw my Usenet posts from nearly 15 years ago show up in Google Groups. The truth about me is out there, if you’re willing to look.Anyone can find and read this information, including my dad. I feel it’s only fair that I get something like that from him in return. Okay, maybe not three years worth, but certainly more than has shown up so far. And it doesn’t even have to be public either. Vox makes it very easy to restrict access to particular items so only friends and/or family can read it. And it can be more than just text as well.

Bring on those posts, pictures, or whatever you want to share, dad. I’ll be ready to read them. When you’re ready to share, of course.






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