Happy 4th!

Not sure what we’re doing today. Jaden and I are sitting in Urgent Care because he’s developed an interesting rash. He finished his antibiotics for the strep throat, which is about when this rash developed. Looks like another allergic reaction!

Meanwhile, our friends from out of town had to visit the ER. Their son was having some allergic reactions of his own. Even though we took our cats to my in-laws and cleaned, he seems to have gotten something we missed. He’s taking some extra drugs now.

They also decided to ban fireworks in our neighborhood. Means we have to go somewhere to see them. Every place that’s got them is either too far away or will be crowded. We’re going to our family cabin to have dinner and set off a few firecrackers.

Seems like the past few years, we have been unable to escape birthdays and anniversaries without some health or other calamity befalling some member of the family. Why should this, our 8th anniversary, be any different?






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