Got an Addiction? Beat on your Head!

This looks weird, but it does seem to work. This is part of that Paul McKenna program I found, and you can see this part of it thanks to YouTube:

TFT Weight Loss

The basic idea: while thinking about your “addiction,” which in this case is food, but it could be something like cigarettes too, tap on the various acupuncture points with your fingers while thinking about the addiction. Yes, I know it looks daft, but it did seem to work for me, or at the very least allows me to bring certain cravings down to a reasonable level.One example of this occurred on Sunday when I was driving back from Tacoma. I really wanted to stop on the way back to get a Starbucks. I discovered Chai Green Tea Lattes, and well, I’m pretty sure they are calorie bombs and not the best thing for you. So while I was driving, I did this little technique. It didn’t completely eliminate the craving, but it reduced it to the point where I was very okay with driving past the exit with the drive-thru Starbucks.






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