Fun with Blog Restoration

It seems strange to spend all this time on a blog that, in the end, my dad thought was a waste of time. That said, I didn’t have much of a relationship with my dad from about the time I was in college. The blog, which covers from about 2006 onward, has a number of different items in it from the personal to the political. Some of the interaction with my dad is in his blog, so it has personal meaning to me.

Of course, I should know from having moved content management systems several times for that any “migration” between systems will never go without a hitch. Moving dad’s blog from Vox to Posterous was no exception. In order to get the comments, I had to take a side trip through WordPress, which introduced a whole mess of other issues into the import process.

Then there was the picture import into Flickr, which Vox provided a nice tool for. Pity it didn’t give me an option to do only pictures and instead it tried to import all kinds of stuff it should not have.

Bottom line, I’m having to do a lot of “manual” crap to do it right and to make sure I’ve actually got all of dad’s data off of his Vox blog. That said, I am getting to re-read a lot of the stuff he posted, so I don’t entirely mind doing it.






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