First 10C Blog Post Written From and Posted via Workflow

Ok, it’s not really my first blog post written this way. I had to test it, after all. But it’s the first semi-real one.

It’s been a while since I’ve played with Workflow, though I use it all the time. It wouldn’t be as easy to post my podcasts without it, as I use some automation that Workflow enables.

Apparently, one of the things it can do is send HTTP POST requests complete with user-specified headers. The upshot of this? It can make API calls and parse the output from those calls.

That means you can pretty much do anything you want with Workflow in terms of interacting with external services. Sure, you have to be able to craft the API calls accordingly, but modern REST APIs, provided they are adequately documented, are pretty easy to work with.

I suspect this new-found discovery will enable me to interact better with some of these “smaller” services that may not have ready-made clients for them.

At the very least, I can write and post blog posts from my iPhone on 10Centuries without waiting for a “proper” client to support the API.






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