Fence Update

Readers of my blog will know that there’s a road going in outside my house, which necessitates a fence for our backyard. The primary reason: keeping my kids from bolting to the street. The covenants for the property pretty much restrict us from putting up our own fence without getting approval from a certain committee. We’ve been going back and forth on this.

Today, we get word from the powers that be that they will be providing a kind of fence between our backyard and the road that will run most of the length of our property. The fence will take the form of “privacy panels” (not sure exactly what that means) every few feet with plants and shrubs between them. The effect will be a fence, but it will look nicer.

Of course, this does nothing to prevent the kids from running around the sides of the fence. We will probably have to change our request to instead ask for “privacy screens” on either side of it to keep the kids contained in the yard. It won’t prevent them from running all the way around the house to get to the road, but it will be good enough to prevent any accidents.






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