Feeling like an Archeologist

As I alluded to in my last post, I started digging around in my University accounts. I am thanking my lucky stars I was a bit more of an email packrat in those days, as I am finding snippets of some interesting conversations, not to mention some old poetry.

There is some emails I saved from people whose names who weren’t on the tip of the tongue as well as some long-time friends. I found some emails from a women’s studies class I took. I was the only man in the class, which I have to admit was a little awkward. I also found some emails from one of my English professors who let me into a business writing class that was hard as hell to get into, apparently. Of course, I was also helping him with Word Perfect.

I have to wonder what little bits of debris I am currently leaving in the great Google cache to be unearthed later.






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