Emotionally Hungry

I learned a long time ago not to make decisions when I am emotional. Heeding this advice has probably saved me numerous times from making life-changing decisions needlessly. Sadly, there is one area in my life where I have not applied this same advice–when I eat.

I’ve known about emotional eating for quite some time. I’ve even caught myself many times eating when I know it’s because I’m emotional, not because I’m physically hungry.

Bottom line: I need to stop. I know it’s not helping me lose any weight or keep my blood sugar in check.

While I don’t know exactly how to solve the problem, I think the solution starts with pushing the plate away when my emotions are in control. I know in practice this is far easier said than done. I also know there will be times when I will be physically hungry as well and I need to learn to manage that.

I also need to learn to push the plate away when my physical hunger is satiated. Perhaps that will become easier over time.






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