I am looking at my calendar for the next several weeks, and I realize that I am going to be a waterlogged sponge when I get done with it.

Next week will be relatively easy as I am taking the week off. Jaden has half days, which will mean lots of kid time.

The following two weeks, I will be taking a CISSP class from the comfort of my home. It means two weeks of mornings listening to all the wonderful ways you must understand security if you want to get the vaunted CISSP certification, which I am going for this year.

Once that class is over, I’m taking a Product Management class in New York City. Found the one I took last year helpful, so I am going to take another. It might be an interesting career direction in a few years, but meanwhile, it helps me in my job today since I spend a lot of time dealing with Product Managers.

And FTW, I am also starting a weekly class on Intrusion Detection Systems thru SANS. The first two classes will overlap with my CISSP class as well as my Product Management class in NYC. The times don’t overlap, fortunately, but it does make for a couple of very soggy days brain-wise. That class runs through early July.

If I seem a little out of sorts next month, you’ll know why.






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