Document Speed Traps On The Go With Trapster

Trapster lets people with mobile phones document the exact location a speed trap or red light camera is. It works best with GPS and WiFi-enabled Windows Mobile or Symbian devices, but they have ways that people with any cell phone can report speed traps.I reviewed the Symbian version of the app, which like the service itself, carries the beta tag. If you don’t have a Symbian or Windows Mobile device, but have a phone that is capable of reaching the Internet, you should be able to hit and get a mobile version of the trapster site to report speed traps. If you have a send and end phone (i.e. a phone with no Internet), you can hook up with Jott and speak you speed traps into the phone.I think this service has great potential. However, I also think it has a ways to go before the masses will start using it. GPS in mobile phones is still relatively uncommon. The User Interface for this app–at least on the Symbian version–clearly needs some work. It is a service worth watching, however.






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