Decluttering The House

While we don’t officially move into the new house until the end of July, it sure seems like we’re moving a lot of stuff right now! We are, but it’s going into a storage unit.

Part of the process of getting the current house ready to sell is eliminating a lot of so-called “clutter” from the house. This means taking down a lot of personal family photos, moving out a lot of the extraneous stuff, and generally keeping the house looking nice. After coming back home Friday night, I can see that the wife has made a huge dent in the overall house clutter!

Meanwhile, I am attempting to do the same to my office, and it’s no small task. I have a ton of stuff in my office, some of which I use regularly, most of which I don’t. Much of it is out either under one of my tables and/or in a plastic crate. I do have some storage in my office as the attic storage spaces are in this room, but it’s not always easy to get stuff in and out of those spaces. Also I can’t exactly use those spaces now as I need to leave them available for someone to look in!

I probably have a van or truckload worth of stuff up in my office stacked and ready to go to the storage unit. Unfortunately, it probably isn’t going right away. My wife had me bring down all the Christmas stuff from the attic. That and a bunch of other stuff already downstairs is waiting for us to go as well. Whether all that stuff will make it into storage tomorrow is another matter.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the house with a lot less stuff in it. At least for a few weeks.






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