Day Zero at Check Point

Tuesday was officially my last day at Nokia. However, it was also the day that I started fully transitioning to Check Point Software. I signed all the various forms and non-disclosure agreements, read through the employee manual. One of the forms–the I-9–requires an “authorized representative” of the company to look at my passport and sign. For me, this meant a trip to Seattle, which fortunately, didn’t take too long mid-day.The other pressing goal of the day was to get my laptop transitioned from Nokia to Check Point. This involved a hard drive swap and a lot of phone calls to Check Point’s IT staff to get appropriate passwords, reset locked accounts, and generally get up and on the corporate network. After all that, I’m in and mostly working, though there are a few nagging issues.Meanwhile, I am getting acquainted with the new policies and procedures, reading the various Intranet pages, and otherwise acquainting myself with Check Point. In the morning, we get the benefits orientation. Shortly after that, a call with my new boss 🙂






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