Day 5 of the Master Cleanse

Despite not having eaten for more than 4 days, stuff is still moving out of my bowels–exactly what’s suppose to happen. No senna tea today as I don’t need/want that kind of help today. One pound lighter to boot.

Unlike some people, whom while on this cleanse are disgusted by the sight and smell of food, it doesn’t bother me that much. Good thing, as I still have to feed the kids even if all I’m feeding myself is lemonade. I also had a chicken that I decided to thaw out before I got the crazy idea that I was going to cleanse myself. It was going to go bad unless I cooked it yesterday, which I did. Funny thing was, long after I finished cooking, putting away the chicken, and cleaning the crock pot, I could still smell the chicken in the hallway when first coming into it.

I’m also not experiencing any major “bad” or “down” feelings. I’m also not feeling “up” either, like what some people describe by this phase of the cleanse. I am very much on an even keel–moreso than usual, I think, which while not blockbuster, is very nice in it’s own right.

Today, for Father’s Day, I am going to trek over to the Evil Fry’s ™ in Renton. It’s a bit like going to a buffet right now because while I can’t eat food on this cleanse, I can’t afford to spend money at Fry’s either. But it’s nice to look around and I’ll probably come back with something small and/or something I can expense.






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