Day 4 of the Master Cleanse

I’m not hungry so far today and feel pretty good. Had Senna tea both last night and this morning. No lemonade yet, but I plan to rectify that soon enough. Two more pounds off the body.

You’d think after not eating solid food for more than 72 hours there wouldn’t be anything left in my bowels. You’d be wrong. Of course, that’s the point of doing this.

I have noticed that the past few nights, I’ve been dreaming a lot more than I usually do. Maybe you always dream, but I don’t usually remember doing so. I seem to sleep a little deeper too.

Today, it’s Jaden’s birthday party. Yes, his birthday proper isn’t for another couple of weeks, but we’re having it early to ensure attendance of more of his friends. Seems everyone runs away shortly after school is out, which happens this Wednesday. Off to get ready for the event…






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