Day 2 of the Master Cleanse

My stomach is rumbling a bit, but I don’t really feel hungry. If I am hungry, it’s different than usual. Did notice my pants fitting better, about 4 pounds lost according to thescale, and the fact that when I speak loudly, my voice is “different.”It’s crackling or something. Not sure what that’s about. I didn’t take the senna tea this morning as I don’t think my system needs that kind of help at the moment.

When I went out to buy stuff yesterday, I didn’t buy enough lemons because, quite honestly, I had no idea how many it would take to make a day’s worth of lemonade. I also thought the health food store was charging an arm and a leg for Grade B Maple Syrup, so I only bought a little. I also wasn’t sure I was actually going to go through with it, so I was hedging my bets. Looks like I’m going through with it. My wife will go pick up what I need when she goes to the store today.

I also did some reading and discovered that what they used to call Grade B Maple Syrup is actually now called Grade A Dark Amber. That’s easy to get at the store–I checked–and for a heck of a lot less money than what the health food store was charging!






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