Day 13 of the Master Cleanse: Solid Food!

Today’s the day I get to eat some solid food, so long as it’s fruits, veggies, and nuts. But only for dinner. Breakfast is OJ, which I’ve had a couple of glasses of. Lunch time will be my lentil soup. I’m not sure what I’m doing for dinner since I don’t have any real salad makings and I’m not sure if or when I’m going to be able to make it to the store today. I do have a lot of apples–they are good “show” fruits for the house. I also have a bunch of celery stalks I didn’t use with the soup, which might go good with the almond butter. And, of course, I have soup. Lots of it.

When I drank the OJ this morning, I noticed that it filled me up right away. Maybe it’s that whole liquid diet thing, but it was weird. Normally OJ doesn’t do that. I did have to have a little more later on to quell a later hunger pain, but not too much.






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