Day 11 of the Master Cleanse: OJ Day!

Today, I get to drank OJ instead of the lemonade concoction. Still no food, though I did do some prep work for the lentil soup I plan on cooking tomorrow. May not have gobs and gobs of veggies in this soup, but when I read the recipe, it sure sounded good and was vegetarian. I’m not sure how you can call a soup with chicken broth in it vegetarian, so I plan on substituting veggie broth. We’ll see how this soup goes.

Despite not drinking the lemonade concoction or any senna tea sinceyesterday morning, waste is still being eliminated. A week and a halfwithout solid food and that’s still happening. I was a little hungrier today, and I probably drank a half gallon of OJ. The Simply Orange stuff I bought at the grocery store tastes really good. The Tropicana and Minute Maid stuff I bought while I was out today didn’t taste as good.

A couple of days ago, I noticed the skin on my face started drying out. An odd side effect to be sure.






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